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New dataset added on 2018-07-13: 10.5524/100474 Supporting data for "PhenoSpD: an integrated toolkit for phenotypic correlation es-timation and multiple testing correction using GWAS summary statistics"

New dataset added on 2018-07-09: 10.5524/100465 Supporting data for "A near complete, chromosome-scale assembly of the black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) genome"

New dataset added on 2018-07-05: 10.5524/100467 Supporting data for "Whole genome and transcriptome maps of the entirely black native Korean chicken breed Yeonsan Ogye"

New dataset added on 2018-07-04: 10.5524/100464 Supporting data for "Leveraging multiple transcriptome assembly methods for improved gene structure annotation"

New dataset added on 2018-07-03: 10.5524/100477 Supporting data for "SL-quant: A fast and flexible pipeline to quantify spliced leader trans-splicing events from RNA-seq data"

New dataset added on 2018-07-03: 10.5524/100469 Supporting data for "Nighres: Processing tools for high-resolution neuroimaging"

New dataset added on 2018-06-29: 10.5524/100470 Supporting data for "Establishment of a Macaca fascicularis gut microbiome gene catalog and comparison with the human, pig and mouse gut microbiomes"

New dataset added on 2018-06-27: 10.5524/100478 Supporting data for "Clustering trees: a visualisation for evaluating clusterings at multiple resolutions"

New dataset added on 2018-06-27: 10.5524/100460 Supporting data for "Clinker: visualising fusion genes detected in RNA-seq data"

New dataset added on 2018-06-25: 10.5524/100462 Supporting data for "Binning Enables Efficient Host Genome Reconstruction in Cnidarian Holobionts"








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